we are transforstone

What is Transforstone?

The year 2006 saw the birth of a new way of conceiving natural stone, a different vision, our own philosophy, an obsession for quality as never seen before. This desire for transformation is inseparable from our identity, hence our name.

We introduce ourselves: We are Transforstone.

At Transforstone we work with one material. Just one: Caliza Alba, a type of white stone, slightly greyish and uniform, without veining. A stone in demand for all kinds of projects, with a unique and special nature, a bearer of essence, identity, soul and history.

Our Mission

Why this stone and why us?

Our mission of transformation was born at the same time as the opening of our own quarry and, since then, we have added to our family a total of forty five workers, each of them with a different function, but with the same common goal: to offer the highest quality and professionalism.

In this mission of transformation, we have learned to mould the treasure hidden in our quarry as we please. We are able to offer large formats, such as slabs or tiles.

We can treat the surface of each of them to offer all kinds of finishes, from honed to bush-hammered.

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Sculpting Robot

For us, however, something was still missing. We needed to satisfy our nonconformity. So in 2016 we purchased a 7-axis lapysistem sculpting robot. A state-of-the-art technology that allows us to make all kinds of products with our limestone. We can make street furniture, bathroom pieces or sculptures of up to 4 metres.

maximum quality

Maximum sustainability

In our relentless pursuit, even though we could offer such a rich variety of product, something was still bubbling inside us. We need to change and improve continuously. Therefore, we not only want to offer the highest quality, but also the highest sustainability. We plan to carry out various projects that will enable us to reduce material waste to zero, by creating a micronising plant to use the rubble from the quarry or by using renewable energies for all our processes.

Our team, our product and our technology makes us a reference all over the world. Transforstone has supplied its characteristic limestone to countries such as the United States, China, Korea or Mexico or to prestigious architectural studios such as ZAHA HADID.

We are honoured to have been able to participate with our product in projects of unquestionable interest.

We have been involved with rocks that form part of the street furniture in Miami, construction projects in the Cayman Islands or the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland, with large pieces that required millimetric precision.

Our quarry

What has allowed us to work on projects that are so different and yet so special?

Unlike the majority of companies in the sector, at Transforstone we have our own quarry; one of the oldest quarries in the Region of Murcia, with a minimum monthly production of 800m3. Thanks to this, we have almost unlimited material, being able to deal with any eventuality without any problem.

our stone

Caliza Alba

The Caliza Alba Limestone that comes out of our quarry stands out for its resistance, versatility and qualities as a thermal and acoustic insulator. As it contains a high percentage of calcium carbonate (98.5%), Caliza Alba is both flexible and durable. But, in our case, its special character does not end there. Our treasure is a fossilised rock that holds beautiful surprises.

our stone

Unique pieces

Over millions of years, these rocks were formed slowly at the bottom of the sea that used to occupy the Northwest of Murcia. This wild and natural past means that our stone is full of marine fossils, giving each piece a unique spirit, impossible to replicate from one to another.

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Mediterranean spirit

Every time a portion of our quarry is used, in any construction, anywhere in the world, a Mediterranean spirit is being imbued. Every atom of Caliza Alba is impregnated with sea, sand, sun and breeze. The whole Mediterranean culture, forged by the softness and the temperance, make each construction in which we participate, enjoy a unique harmonic architectural language.

Caliza Alba

Our own style

Whether you are looking for a modern, classic, rustic or minimalist touch, Transforstone offers you the ideal material. Its Caliza Alba Limestone keeps the Mediterranean culture alive for any architectural work or interior design. Enjoy the light, the sun, the nature, the sea, the colour, the breeze...

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