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Transforstone S.L. It is the company that owns the Alba White Limestone quarry, specialized in the extraction, processing and commercialization of it.
Thanks to having the white natural stone quarry known as Alba White Limestone, we can offer the product at the most competitive price.
Alba White Limestone is a perfect natural stone for cladding of facades and walls, interior and exterior flooring and stairs, pool curb or interior cladding.
Our quarry is one of the oldest in the Region of Murcia. The minimum exploitation is 800 m3 per month.

Among our main products are: Limestone tile, limestone skirting, limestone cladding, limestone step, limestone stair, limestone bands, limestone flashing, limestone pool curb, limestone pool coping, and any limestone tile size.

In Transforstone we have a robot to make sculptures in natural stone with a 7-axis lapis system, so you can make any design in 3d that you can imagine up to 250x400cm

About the Alba White Limestone, we can highlight its resistance, versatility and its qualities as thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to its calcium carbonate percentage of 98.5%

Prestigious architects and designers bet more every day on natural stone in all their projects, both indoors and outdoors. Being the ALBA WHITE LIMESTONE ideal, not only for its physical characteristics of durability but also for its clear hue, setting trends in modernist, minimalist and classical constructions.