García Single-family House

García Single-family House

The García house is designed around two main stone volumes that overhang the plot on which they stand.

Access to the house is on the ground floor through a double-height entrance hall. In front of the entrance hall there is a glazed outdoor garden that enters the interior space of the house and allows a view of the outdoor swimming pool. This courtyard is the element that separates the double-height living room and dining room from the living space. To the left of the entrance hall is a staircase with cantilevered wooden steps leading to an interior garden that is fully lit by a skylight covering the entire length of the staircase. This interior garden gives the house a very pleasant degree of humidity, allowing for great comfort inside.

Location: Sierra de Madrid

Surface area: 800 m2

Facade cladding and flooring in Alba tone
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By Caliza Alba


Esculpimos cada pieza con la delicadeza de artesanos, con las más novedosas técnicas combinadas con el trabajo manual.